About Molo

The Pier is one of the most popular Polish leisure & event facilities, a showcase of the spa.

The facility consists of 2 parts: wooden and land ones. The wooden (pedestrian) part covers, apart from the main jetty ( 511.5 m from which 458 m enter the Gdańsk Bay), lower decks and side deck, which enable mooring of passenger ships and yachts.

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The first jetty, with the length of 31.5 m was built by dr Jerzy Haffner in 1827.

Till the end of XIX century, the Pier was extended to 150 m, and in 1910 it reached the length of 315 m. Initially, the facility fulfilled the function of a local harbour, gradually transforming (in hand with the development of the spa) into a leisure facility, and then also into an eventful facility.

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